Guillaume Senez is French, Belgian, but above all from Brussels. After graduating from INRACI in 2001, he directs three short films which has been rewarded in numerous festivals worldwide: « Squaring The Circle » in 2006, « In Our Blood » in 2009 (was nominated at Cannes festival for Unifrance prize in the category best short-film and were even nominated at Les Lutins du court-métrage) , and « U.H.T. » in 2012 (nominated at the belgian most prestigious cinema ceremony, les Magritte du cinéma, in the best short film category).

Strengthened by this fruitful collaboration, he develops in 2014 his first long feature film, « Keeper », produced by Iota production (which has produced all these short-films), Savage film (Belgium), Offshore (France) and Louise Productions (Switzerland).